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Emergency Care

What to do in urgent cases

For emergencies, please call:

01383 722818

We all adore our pets and when it comes to emergency treatment we want to know we are  entrusting our pets with familiar experts. We carry out our own emergency service at our hospital base in Dunfermline. We will have someone on-site ready and prepared to care for your pet.

We’re proud to offer our own in-house emergency service and the benefits of this are huge. Our vets will have immediate access to your pet’s medical records to ensure we provide the proper care that they need, and our hospital is always open with the latest equipment ready to deliver the best treatment for your pet.

Emergency Care FAQ's

  • My pet has been hospitalised - what happens now?
  • Who will be looking after my pet?
  • What happens to my pet overnight?
  • How much will this cost?

My pet has been hospitalised - what happens now?

Your pet will be admitted into our wards where we have a team of experienced staff dedicated to caring for your pets. When admitting, the vet will discuss the plan for your pet during their stay and will stay in communication with you throughout the process.

Who will be looking after my pet?

The vet who admitted your pet will be looking after them and making decisions on their treatment plan. We have a team of experienced Registered Veterinary Nurses in wards caring for your pet’s needs during their stay with us.

What happens to my pet overnight?

If your pet has to stay with us overnight, we have a dedicated out of hours team to look after them in our hospital. The team comprises of an on-call vet available throughout the night and nursing staff caring for your pet 24 hours daily.

How much will this cost?

The vet will have discussed a treatment plan for your pet during admission and you should have an estimate for this. Any additional treatments or procedures will be added to these charges. Treatment must be paid on the day your pet is discharged.


If you have pet insurance we recommend you contact your insurer to find out more about your policy. We can process direct claims with Petplan® for treatment costs in excess of £200 and require you to pay your policy excess and sign a claim form when collecting your pet. There is a small administration fee for processing claims.

We understand it can be a very worrying time when your pet is unwell and are here to assist with any questions you have. Informing us about your pet's usual habits, commands and diet may help minimise your pet’s worry during their stay with us. You can call our wards on 01383 722818 selecting option 3. If the ward staff cannot answer, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we can.

If your pet has been hospitalised please ensure we have a contact number we can reach you on. We aim to update owners between 8.30-10.30am and 4.30-5.30pm. We may contact you out with these times if there are changes in your pet’s treatment.