Senior Cat Clinics

How can we help your senior cat?

Please be aware due to the current restrictions these clinics are unavailable at this time.

Even though your pet may be slowing down a little, there’s no reason why the later years in life shouldn’t be some of the most rewarding. With regular veterinary attention, daily care and proper nutrition, your senior pet can still experience a very happy and healthy life.

Changes as your cat gets older

Cats age faster than humans and are broadly classed as being senior from 8 years of age. Cats are prone to many conditions that you may recognise such as diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, heart disease, dental and thyroid problems. Regular check-ups and monitoring is recommended as your cat reaches its senior years to catch subtle signs of ill health as they are very good at hiding signs. Research shows 90% of cats over the age of 12 have arthritis which is a condition affecting their mobility and can be painful. Environmental changes as well as adding in supplements or pain relief can help your pet be more comfortable and can often slow down the progression of the disease.

Health concerns 

Kidney disease in another common condition in older cats. Unfortunately, clinical signs of kidney disease are often only seen once at least 75% of the kidney function has been lost. Regular check-ups can help to identify kidney disease and reduce the risk factors in elderly pets.

Early diagnosis can mean that treatment is more likely to be successful in curing or controlling the problem leading to an improved longevity and quality of life. Some conditions may require medication but often a simple change of diet is all that is required. 

Book a senior check

The nurses at Inglis Vets would like to invite you and your cat along to a senior health clinic. Options are detailed below with pricing. 

Please advise when booking what option you would prefer:

GOLD PACKAGE (recommended for cats aged over 11)

  • Health check
  • Blood pressure check
  • Urinalysis
  • Blood sample (to check kidney function and thyroid function)
  • Telephone follow up with vet

Active Care Plan: £80 Lifetime Care Plan: free*  Non care plan: £108   *includes Inglis Vets Lifetime Care Plan one blood sample per year. 

SILVER PACKAGE (Recommenced for cats 7-10 years old)

  • Health check
  • Blood pressure check
  • Urinalysis 

£18.99 or free if you are on the Inglis Vets Care Plan

BRONZE PACKAGE (Please pick up a KatKor™ kit to collect the sample)

  • Health check
  • Urinalysis

Price: Free

Please note: Senior Cat Clinics are available at the majority of Inglis Veterinary Centres. Please quote which package you'd like to book in for when you call.